Ethnography online shopping and delivery experiences

Innovation – ethnography, online shopping and delivery experiences Challenge DPD Group is the second largest parcel delivery network in Europe, which delivers over three million parcels every day.  As part of an international innovation project across the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Poland, InProcess, an innovation consultancy based in Paris, were commissioned to identify opportunities […]

User research digital media habits and digital literacy among teenagers

User research into digital media habits and digital literacy among teenagers – informing future policies and development strategies Challenge Often we hear stories about how teenagers are engaging with the online world through apps, social media platforms and online channels both in social and education environments. But what is the reality? Work Working for WISE […]

User Research Government Digital Service

User Research Government Digital Service creating innovative learning experiences for technologists Challenge Technology departments in government are changing with technologists across government working with a wider range of suppliers, open standards, within an agile framework and developing technology solutions based on the needs of users. A new learning and development programme is being developed to […]

Service Design and Diabetes Management, Design Council

Diabetes management – healthcare innovation through service design, co-creation and ethnography Challenge 29 people per week in Bolton are diagnosed with diabetes. The project focused on encouraging people with diabetes to take more control of their condition and identify ways to enhance communication between people with diabetes and healthcare services. Work Working in the Design […]

Ethnography and prototyping digital learning services

Ethnography and prototyping services – digital learning for teenagers, youth workers and librarians Challenge Teenagers need to be able have enjoyable online experiences, yet there are issues around learning how to navigate the different channels, personal security and privacy.  The objective of this module of ethnographic research was to understand how teenagers, youth workers, librarians interact […]

User Research and Design Strategy for Mobile Advertising

User research and design strategy – understanding mobile advertising messages Challenge To provide a detailed understanding of users’ interaction with adverts received on mobile devices, barriers to use, message relevancy and tone of voice used. Work Alison Black is a leading user centred design researcher & strategist (and now Professor of User-Centred Design at University […]

User research and service design, families in crisis the LIFE Programme, Participle

Developing a new service with hard to reach families Challenge One of the objectives of a service design project in Swindon was to identify ways in which hard to reach families and individuals could transform their lives and the support they receive through the introduction of new public services which were co-created by service users. […]