Ethnography and prototyping digital learning services

Ethnography and prototyping services – digital learning for teenagers, youth workers and librarians

Teenagers need to be able have enjoyable online experiences, yet there are issues around learning how to navigate the different channels, personal security and privacy.  The objective of this module of ethnographic research was to understand how teenagers, youth workers, librarians interact with technology to identify new opportunities for online learning.

Ethnography and teenagers

We carried out ethnographic  research with youth workers, librarians and teenagers in different settings, including schools, libraries, youth clubs and homes and parks.  The approach to the research allowed us to build up a rapport with the audiences in a very short period of time, which would have been difficult using traditional market research techniques.

Working with the design team we analysed the research and prioritised the needs of different user groups.  From this we developed concepts which to help children to engage with the online world. We prototyped digital learning concepts in environments where they will be delivered, for example, youth clubs with teenagers and youth club managers.

A strategy which identified areas where teenagers need support and guidance in terms of exploring and making full use of the opportunities presented by the internet.

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