Ethnography and service design health and wellness, Participle

Developing new healthcare service models

The healthcare service in the UK is facing a number of challenges including an ageing population, an increase in the number of chronic diseases and a system which is not financially sustainable.


Participle creates new types of public services that make a real difference in everyday lives. The ethnography and service design health and wellness project used a number of research tools including contextual interviews, participant diaries, observation and social network mapping.  We worked with people with a range of medical conditions to understand their day to day behaviour in relation to their own personal health and wellbeing.


Analysing the research, the motivations of participants toward their own health were mapped out and key themes emerged such as understanding the role of community and family, people’s needs, capabilities and barriers to lifestyle change. This has formed the basis for an ongoing innovative healthcare project. Find out more about the innovative health and wellbeing project at Participle.


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