Ethnography of a Chronic Condition

Ethnography of a chronic condition – sparking new ways of looking at the key issue of living with a chronic medical condition

Chronic medical conditions can have a significant impact on people’s everyday lives. How can the impacts be reduced to help improve the lives of people?

The Context Based Research Group is a research and innovation consultancy based in the USA. As part of an international project, ethnographic research was carried out into the everyday experiences of people living with a specific chronic condition in the UK. We used a range of research tools including home tours, storybooks and observation during a number of research visits. The multiple research visits enabled the researcher to build up a relationship with the participants.

Ethnography of a chronic condition

The ethnographic research helped to reveal ‘coping strategies,’ people’s perception of the condition and the impact of the condition on participants’ home, social and working lives. The ethnographic research was also used to develop a framework and identify new opportunities for innovation.

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