Ethnography online shopping and delivery experiences

Innovation – ethnography, online shopping and delivery experiences

DPD Group is the second largest parcel delivery network in Europe, which delivers over three million parcels every day.  As part of an international innovation project across the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Poland, InProcess, an innovation consultancy based in Paris, were commissioned to identify opportunities for innovation, create value for the different customer profiles and enhance the customer journey from the moment of purchase through to delivery and returns.

Working with a range of different shopper types in the UK, we used a range of tools including observation, video diaries and in-depth contextual interviews to explore the online purchasing behaviour of young shoppers as well as the home and other delivery experiences.

The ethnographic research helped to identify the motivations and different emotional needs of purchasers across the customer journey.  This is being used to underpin a framework and programme of innovation at the DPD Group in this highly competitive market place.

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