Innovation and the automotive experience

Digitalisation, urban living and the driving experience

With the growth of urbanisation and digital services there are new challenges and opportunities which drivers face. The challenge involved mapping out growth opportunities over a three to five year period to help design a future automotive experience.

Working with A Piece of Pie a leading innovation consultancy based in Barcelona on an international innovation project, we managed a module of ethnographic research in the United Kingdom. The research involved in-depth interviews, a number of driving based observational sessions and visits to car showrooms with a range of drivers.

The ethnographic research was analysed and mental models of driver behaviour were developed and these helped to identify key growth opportunities for the client over the medium term future. Mapping emotional and functional needs of city based drivers discovered insights which were used to inform service design direction. Understanding the context of the driving experience (urban, rural, commuting to work, going shopping, going on holiday) helped to uncover real behavioural insights.

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