Isolation and older adults, ResearchWorks

Isolation and older adults: framing future research and identifying opportunities

Isolation is a very complex subject area from defining what isolation means through to identifying risk factors, triggers, approaches to measuring and evaluating isolation and reviewing the different types of intervention which have been developed to address the issue of isolation.

The impact of isolation is confounded by other issues such as sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, ethnicity and geographical location.

We have been working with ResearchWorks, a leading US based marketing and communication research company, exploring the issue of isolation in adults aged over 50.

We also advised the team from an ethnographic research perspective and provided cultural insights from a UK perspective.

Isolation Ethnography

A detailed understanding of the current research on isolation and key areas for future research programmes were identified. You can download the report Framework for Isolation in Adults Over 50 or Highlights from the Report.

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