Experience Research and Consulting is a deliberately small team of one.   We do work with a network of specialist associates.

Richard Linington, Director
Richard-Linington-4Richard is the principal of Experience Research and Consulting Limited. As a people centred researcher, he takes a holistic approach to carrying out ethnographic research where he uses his skills to help solve complex problems.

The ethnographic research he carries out helps companies uncover the surface and latent needs of people which are then projected forward into development of solutions that focus on the target audiences who will use them – aligning research findings with business needs. Richard is passionate about placing people at the centre of his work.

Richard is an experienced research professional and systems thinker who has been carrying out ethnographic research for over 18 years and has worked on a number of design and innovation projects from the mobile sector through to healthcare, public services and transportation sectors.  He has worked with a range of clients from the Design Council through to Doblin, Participle and Innovate UK.

Richard has written an article on ethnography and the digital experience Real Time, Real Lives – Ethnography and the Digital Experience published in Arttu and has prepared a case study for Marketing and Public Relations for Museums, Galleries, Cultural and Heritage Attractions published by Routledge.

Prior to setting up Experience Research and Consulting Richard worked for BMP DDB Needham, Razorfish (where he worked for clients such as including the Wellcome Trust and Astra Zeneca) and Planning Solutions Consulting. He has a masters degree in sociology and anthropology and a BA in history and development studies.  Here is Richard’s Linkedin profile.


Here are some answers to questions we are asked about our work and here are some of the benefits of ethnography.

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