Here are some of the questions we are asked

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How long does project last?
This can vary from four weeks (or a shorter time frame at a push) through to six months – it all depends on your needs. When we prepare our proposal we work closely with you to ensure the work is completed within your time frame.

Where do you carry out ethnographic research?
We immerse ourselves in the environments where consumers use and interact with your products, services and brands. This can be participants’ homes, where they work, shop or socialise. We have carried out research in a range of environments from home offices through to nightclubs, hospitals and commercial fishing communities.

How long have you been carrying out ethnographic research?
I have been carrying out ethnographic and other research since 1999.

Is there a typical approach to the projects you work on?
There is an overall process – but the actual research tools we use and deliverables are different for each project.

What cultures and countries have you worked in?
We have carried out ethnographic research throughout the United Kingdom working with different cultures and in several European countries. We would like to carry more ethnographic research out overseas!

Do you have any client references?
Over the years we have been lucky enough to work with a number of interesting clients who have been kind enough to write a word or two about us.

Does spending time with participants affect how they respond?
Yes it can in some instances. But in our experience we have found that good researchers can quickly overcome this initial hurdle. We quickly build up a rapport with the participants.  Often we visit participants on several occasions which helps to build up a high degree of trust – this is particularly important when working on healthcare and other sensitive projects.

Can clients accompany you into the field when you are carrying out ethnographic research?
Absolutely. We encourage clients to take part in several of the research visits if possible. In our experience this helps the client to understand our approach in more detail and it also allows the client to engage with the customers in a different way.  More importantly client teams take ownership of findings and build their internal capacity for research and innovation.

Drop Richard a line if you would like to find out more.