Service Design and Diabetes Management, Design Council

Diabetes management – healthcare innovation through service design, co-creation and ethnography

29 people per week in Bolton are diagnosed with diabetes. The project focused on encouraging people with diabetes to take more control of their condition and identify ways to enhance communication between people with diabetes and healthcare services.

Diabetes Management

Working in the Design Council project team with the Bolton Primary Care Trust we managed the programme of ethnographic / user research. The ethnographic research immersed the project team into the everyday life experiences of participants and their families living with Type II diabetes and healthcare professionals.

Using a range of research tools including observational research, contextual interviews and social network mapping, we identified a number key issues such as the importance of family support and compliance/management. This enabled us to identify opportunity areas to co-create and prototype services with patient, their families and NHS staff.

The Agenda Cards and the Me2 Coach Service were co-created and prototyped with users. The Agenda Cards enabled patients to support the care planning process and the Me2 Coach Service focused on providing a personal trainer for people with Type II diabetes.

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