The world is very complex and human behaviour – peoples’ needs and motivation are sometimes difficult to understand. Clients we work with face a range of challenges. We use in-depth, mainly ethnographic research techniques to help clients find solutions, bring clarity and understanding. This helps to ensure that products, services, customer experiences and innovation strategies are relevant to consumers.

We work with a range of clients from start ups acquired by Facebook through to established brands, government departments, public sector organisations and design and innovation agencies.

Some of the different projects we enjoy working on:

  • Identifying consumer trends and generating new consumer insights to support the development of mobile messaging services
  • Carrying out discovery research and working with a design team and healthcare professionals to develop and prototype a new approach to diabetes management
  • Co-creating a food service experience around the needs of older adults
  • Developing personas and customer journey maps to identify opportunities to improve an automotive experience
  • Carrying out in-depth interviews with Chief Technology Officers and other technologists to inform the development of a new technology learning strategy
  • Using user research to bring clarity and inform policymakers and technology companies about the learning opportunities for teenagers using digital technology and services
  • Working with a digital start up to provide user research mentoring advice for their design and technology teams
  • Working with a client to bring understanding and clarity to the front end of innovation projects
  • Spending time in garages to understanding the context of use of products to improve the design of packaging

Find out about some of the projects or contact Richard if you have any questions.