The Automotive Customer Experience

The car experience – from purchase through to the driving experience

An automotive company wanted to understand, from an emotional and practical level, how customers in the European market experienced and interacted with a recently launched car. The model of car featured a new driving position and dashboard layout and a connected touch-screen ‘infotainment’ system.

Automotive ethnography


Working for InProcess, a leading international innovation consultancy, our work was part of a multi-national research and innovation programme. Our role was to co-ordinate and carry out research centred upon carrying out a number of ethnographic observational research sessions with participants and including in home interviews and accompanying participants when they were driving.

Detailed analysis carried out by InProcess identified areas which could be enhanced on the customer journey from the initial purchase through to the driving experience itself. The research was also used to help design team project future scenarios and differentiate future products from competitors in this competitive market place.

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