The Home of the Future

Understanding how people experience and construct the ‘home environment’

The needs of people who own or rent a home are changing along with the concept of what a home is, especially with co-ownership, families living together for longer, second home ownership and people purchasing their first home later in life. This presents a number of opportunities for technology companies through to DIY, cooking, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and energy brands to introduce new products and services to meet these needs.

Working for InProcess an international innovation agency based in Paris we carried out a range of in-home ethnographic research visits where we explored the lived experiences of participants. Research tools included observing behaviour, in-depth interviews and home-tours. Video diaries were used by participants to capture specific activities carried out in the home environment.

1 Cabling ethnography

The research was used by InProcess to identify key insights regarding how participants attached meaning and made emotional connections with products and services in their home. This enabled the InProcess project team to build on the core offerings of client organisations and set out a range of adjacent and transformational services and products which could be introduced into the home of the future.

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