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Developing a new service with hard to reach families

One of the objectives of a service design project in Swindon was to identify ways in which hard to reach families and individuals could transform their lives and the support they receive through the introduction of new public services which were co-created by service users.

Life: An invitation from WeAreParticiple on Vimeo.

Participle is a company which works with and for the public to create new types of public services that make a real difference in everyday lives. Working with a multi-disciplinary team of designers and researchers a module of ethnographic research was carried to identify the everyday life experiences of ‘troubled families’, families coping with complex and multiple difficulties such as poverty, stress, debt, domestic violence, alcoholism and anti-social behaviour.

An analysis workshop helped to identify key insights and scope out initial new service opportunities which has led to the development of the Life Programme.

The Guardian newspaper has published a short article on the project: “Early evaluation of the pilot of 12 families has produced evidence of remarkable improvements: children coming off child protection plans, evictions avoided, police callouts reduced, school attendance improved as well as a 90% improvement in mental health conditions and 70% of family members reporting improved relationships between them.”

The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People’s Services has also published a case study.

You can find out about Participle and the Life Programme here.

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