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User Research Government Digital Service creating innovative learning experiences for technologists

Technology departments in government are changing with technologists across government working with a wider range of suppliers, open standards, within an agile framework and developing technology solutions based on the needs of users. A new learning and development programme is being developed to support this change.

Working with the Government Digital Service team in the Cabinet Office we carried out a module of initial discovery user research. The discovery phase of user research focused on working with technologists including chief technology officers through to chief operating officers, technical architects, developers, technology leads, data scientists, user researchers and service managers. We also explored the learning and development landscape in the private sector to benchmark examples of best practice.

User Research GDS

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A key element of the project was integrating user research into the project and embedding the voice of the user.

The user research and benchmarking is being used to create a vision for learning and development for technologists working in government. The key outcomes will also include a technology curriculum, new pathways of learning including formal, informal and social learning along with a technology skills matrix to enhance learning experiences for technologists. Find out more about the project and to find out more about the work of the Government Digital Service team please visit their blog or you can follow GDS on Twitter .

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