User Research Mentoring -Moves app, ProtoGeo

User research mentoring for the Moves app to create a human centred development process 

Physical inactivity and obesity are major issues which is facing society today. Obesity can lead to a number of significant health problems including Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and reduced life expectancy.

Moves app user research

We worked with the Moves app development team in Finland. The app provides a platform to encourage behaviour change and physical activity by recognising that exercise can be part of people’s everyday life.

Our key role has been advising / coaching the design and technology teams on user centred design and user research methods to help ensure that the app meets the needs of different market segments. The user research included carrying an online diary study and in-depth follow up interviews which enabled the design and technology team to prototype the app with participants

Building on earlier user research this module of user research helped to identify the value participants place on the Moves, motivations behind using the app and clear design guidelines helping to align user needs with the end product.

Moves provides a new way to understand how much physical exercise you get just by keeping your phone in a pocket or bag. The app automatically recognises activities (walking, running, cycling, transportation), routes and places. The data is visualized on a map and as a daily storyline that allow taking small steps toward healthier exercise habits as part of everyday life.   The app has been downloaded 4 million times.

The company was acquired by Facebook.

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