What we do

Clients we work with face a range of issues or challenges. We use in-depth, mainly ethnographic immersive research techniques to help clients find answers, solve problems and bring clarity and understanding. Our research is used to tell powerful stories about the everyday life experiences of people and this can be used to inspire project teams.

Clients challenge us with a range of areas to explore and problems to solve, for example:

What does the future of ageing look like?
We explored what the future of ageing could look like. Find out about our work with Innovate UK.

What does the home look like in the future?
What is the future home going to look like. Find out about our work.

What is the everyday life experience of living with a medical chronic condition like?
Working with a US client we explored and identified ways to reduce the impacts of living with a chronic medical condition.  Find our about our work.

How do we improve the online shopping and the home delivery experience?
We were asked to help carry out research with customers to develop detailed customer journey maps of the current journey and identify areas of the customer journey which can be enhanced.  Find out about our work.

How can we co-create new services to support people with diabetes?
Using in-depth ethnographic research we help a client to understand the everyday life experiences of people (and their families) who lived with diabetes. Find out about our work with the Design Council.

What are the growth opportunities in the automotive sector to support innovation?
We worked with a design and innovation agency and identified future opportunities for growth.  Find out about our work.

Have a peek at some of the other projects we have worked on.  If you would like to find out more about our work please contact Richard Linington.